Revolutionary Self-Service Jewelry Program

Are you spending countless hours with jewelry lines that require extensive hands-on effort and staff?

Has figuring out how and where to best showcase your jewelry become a nightmare?

Would you like your jewelry to pop and attract attention?

If so, you are not alone...

We've put ourselves in your shoes and came up with a GROUNDBREAKING way to Show and Sell Jewelry!

Imagine your customer upon entering your store is immediately drawn to your Brilliant LED Lighted Display filled with SPARKLING DIAMOND LIKE JEWELRY!


We are the first to combine an LED Lighted Rotating Jewelry Case with Self-Service Clamshell Packing. Our displays stop customers in their tracks! We’ve done the research.

Did you know it’s been proven that jewelry attracts over 80% more attention when lit properly?

Our Attractive Rotating Showcase is Built with Jewelry Store Quality LED Lighting ON EVERY SHELF!

Our groundbreaking C'Zire Clamshell Self-Serve Program requires No Staff Assistance! Our full line of "Look of Real" fashion jewelry will sell itself!

Location Numbers on Merchandisers and Clamshells make product EASY TO FIND.

We've Created the Perfect Marriage of Jewelry Store Elegance and Self-Service Packaging!


1. Customer falls in love with an item on your display.
2. Customer matches item location number with appropriate clamshell.
3. Customer brings clamshell to cashier for check out.


What sets us apart?

Design – Unique collections that look as good as the real thing.

Quality WorkmanshipMade exactly like Fine Jewelry, but our jewelry is cast in jeweler’s bronze polished to a mirror finish with 3A Quality CZ Stones hand set just like real diamonds. We coat each piece with an extra heavy genuine 18K Gold or Rhodium finish that is made to last.

Customer Service – We strive to be the very best and work hard to earn and keep your business. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here and ready to take excellent care of you.

Here’s what you get!

  • A turn key self-service jewelry program where we do 95% of the work for you!
  • Fabulous high-quality Look of Real travel jewelry!
  • An attractive rotating showcase with jewelry store quality LED lighting on every shelf.
  • Merchandise arrives on their displayers, ticketed with UPC barcode labels.
  • Stock comes packaged in attractive clamshells arranged on peg hooks below the showcase.
  • Location numbers on the displayers and clamshells for easy shopping.
  • Gift pouches included in each package.
  • Alluring graphics and marketing materials.
  • Backed by our Unconditional Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!


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